Yesterday, in the early hours of morning Netflix officially started rolling out a new UI refresh update to it’s users on iPhone platform. The latest update brings a new billboard layout, a beautiful wallpaper gradient and much more.

Netflix IOS UI Update

All About New Interface

Janum Trivedi, former Netflix UI designer via a tweet on Twitter shares about the update. He and his team has been working on this project since 2022. “I’ve been leading a UI refresh to make Netflix feel more fluid, delightful, and polished. Today, all that work shipped!” Trivedi said this on twitter.

Below is the brief video of the new refresh interface:

Netflix App Update Features

Along side video, Trivedi also shares what to expect from the update:

• New billboard layout responds as you move your device, with a subtle lighting effect

• Beautiful wallpaper gradients that are created on-the-fly from the art

• A new card transition that’s fully interruptible/interactive

• New launch/profile animations, haptics, and more!

What do you think of this new update? Do let us know your views via comments in below section!


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