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Google Maps Integration With Google Lens Bring A New Subtle Feature

Google Maps’ latest update adds integration with Google Lens. The famous app among travelers now has the ability to analyze the restaurant’s menus with subtle information.

Google Lens is very competent in identifying text and symbols in images, but the new integration will provide more information. There are people who have a habit of taking photos of everywhere they go, and taking pictures of menus and uploading them to the restaurant’s Google Map listing is a common thing.

Now the updated software will give you more context. As you can see in the depicted picture above – from the source – the new feature will give you the option to ‘Explore Dishes’.

The trending dishes will be highlighted in orange (with a star icon), and at the bottom, you will get the carousel of “popular dishes found in image.” It can also translate foreign menus to give you a better idea about the dish.

Currently, the feature is only available on the Android platform with iOS to get it very soon.

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