Apple’s iMessage Might Allow You To ‘Unsend/ Retract’ The Messages


Apple’s iMessage rumored to include the Unsend / Retract messages to the upcoming iOS 14. No official words from the company regarding the same has come yet.

We are putting this under the ‘rumor’ category as of now, our context might change in the future. The feature in the talk will reportedly allow the users to retract the already send messages. Some initials will be visible to both the sender and recipient end, like WhatsApp ‘delete for everyone’ feature.

This feature comes in handy when you accidentally send something, or you have sent some gibberish stuff hastily.

Another feature that is in the talk (the testing face) is the ability to tag or mention specific contacts in a Slack-like manner just by using the @ sign. When texting a message to someone you can tag the person you want to be alerted for the conversation.

There’s also one “/me” command feature being tested, this would allow you to share the custom status updated inside the chat thread. You people might have seen this feature on Skype and Slack.

With these new yet handy features, it seems Apple wants to improve the Messages app to directly stack up against the predominantly work-oriented messaging services – Skype and Slack. It’s also been reported that all these features will make it to the MAC as well.

Appel is expected to release all these new features at the WWDC developer summit.


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