Apple Rolls Out The iOS 12.0.1 Update – Fixes The iPhone XS Charging Issue


Last month Apple at it’s iPhone 2018 launched the next-gen iPhone models, dubbed as the iPhone XS and XS Max. And since then the XS users have reported a charging issue – that the device did not immediately charge when connected.

Apple has heard you and released a minor iOS 12.0.1 update. The update targets all the bugs in the iPhone XS.

iOS 12.0.1
iOS 12.0.1 Changelog

As you can see in the changelog above, the update also addresses a couple of other issues. Wi-Fi issue has also been resolved, earlier the iPhone XS would apparently connect to 2.4GHz instead of the 5GHz band when rejoining.

“.?123” key on the iPad keyboard has also been restored to the original positions. Some users were annoyed with this change so the company swaps it back.

Bluetooth unavailability issue has also been addressed. The update weighs in at around 100MB in size and is now available to download on all compatible devices.


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