Gboard Update Brings Support For 28 New Languages


The latest Gboard update for Android brings support for 28 new languages. Thanks to this update now this virtual keyboard from Google supports a total of 446 languages on Android platform.

Here’s what’s this new update brings:

  • Your minis: Stickers based on you.
  • 28 language varieties, including: Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Gheg Albanian, Betawi, Bukusu, Chiga, Dargwa, Extremaduran, Gondi, Garo, Hiri, Hunsrik, Jambi Malay, Kurukh, Lango, Kedah Malay, Sabah Malay, Masaba, Nyoro, Picard, Pfaelzisch, Balkan Romani, Tahitian, Soga.

List of 28 new languages:

  • Assyrian Neo-Aramaic (Sureth)
  • Balkan Romani
  • Betawi
  • Bukusu
  • Chiga
  • Dargwa
  • Extremaduran
  • Garo (Bengali script)
  • Garo (Latin script)
  • German (Belgium)
  • German (Luxembourg)
  • Gheg Albanian
  • Gondi
  • Hiri
  • Hunsrik
  • Jambi Malay
  • Kedah Malay
  • Kurukh
  • Lango
  • Lingala
  • Masaba
  • Nyoro
  • Pfaelzisch
  • Picard
  • Sabah Malay
  • Soga
  • Swedish (Finland)

The update is live on the PlayStore, so you can head over to the app store and download the latest version.


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