‘Bright Red’ Variant Of OnePlus 6 Has Been Surfaced – Sale Starting On July 10


OnePlus today officially revealed a new ‘Bright Red’ color variant of the OnePlus 6 flagship smartphone. And starting next week the device will be available for purchase.

OnePlus 6 Red

It’s not the first time the company has come up with the red color variant, this is the legacy set by the Lava 5T. As per the reports from the below source suggests, the new phone won’t have the same “xtreme” name, it was a limited edition release which required a bit of an engineering change for OnePlus to deliver.

The new OnePlus 6 Bright Red has an additional “evaporated layer of brightening film” to bring out that bright (but not too bright) red luster. OnePlus claims that this effect cost an extra $5 to the price of the unit.

“a red that’s more elegant, one that leaves a strong impression of quality and value.” 

And as we mentioned above, starting next week – July 10 to be precise – the device will be available for purchase for $579 – the same price as that of the other color variants. Only the 8GB + 128GB variant of the device will be available.

OnePlus 6 Red OnePlus 6 Red

It’s also come to hear that the OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones are also coming back on stock on the same date.


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