Gboard With Morse Code Is Now Available In Beta


Welcome To Google I/O 2018

Google IO 2018

Google’s Annual Developer Conference has begun. The CEO of the company – Sundar Pichai – took the stage and kick off the Google Keynote. Before making any announcement he addresses last year’s major bug in company’s core products – you guessed it right – the cheeseburger emoji crisis.

The good news is that the Google has now fixed it along with the beer emoji.

Cheesburger Emoji Fixed Beer Emoji Fixed





One of the first announcements to come out of IO 2018 is the integration of Morse Code into Gboard. A woman named Tania – who uses Morse code as a source of communication built a device (with her husband’s help) to translate blinks in Morse code into text on a phone/computer.

She and her husband are actually developers, they worked with Google’s team to harness the power of predictive suggestions in Gboard in the context of Morse code. Starting today, Gboard with Morse code will be available in beta.

There are third-party apps available which use this, but Google’s solution will be more precise.

Gboard – the Google Keyboard


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