Report: Android Messages To Soon Feature iMessage Like Features


In messaging, Google’s rivalries are way ahead of it but when you make an operating system which is the biggest in the world, lacking behind isn’t really an option.

WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger are currently leading the market with Google’s messaging apps left behind. For quite some time now, Google was betting on its semi-official strategy which isn’t working that well – Allo for consumer chat, Hangouts for a corporate chat, and good ol’ SMS for texting (with RCS in the future).

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a standard which is viewed by many as the next evolution of SMS. This standard brings features like group chats, high-resolution photo sharing, and text messages longer than 160 characters to the messaging service.

Now as per the latest report from the Android Police suggests – source link provided below – Google might be prepping to bring the iMessage like features to its messaging app.Guys over at Android Police have just teardown the latest version of Android Messages (v2.9) and found references to two very intriguing features.

The first one is a desktop interface for the official messaging app – which will let you send or receive messages via your computer. Just as you can with WhatsApp and Allo, scan the QR code and you are good to go. And the support for multiple browsers and computer has also been found in the teardown.

There are strings of evidence which support this report, phrases like “Messages for Web”“Scan your QR code”, and “Sign out of all computers” send a pretty clear message that what to expect from the update.

A modern-day texting app is still way ahead of the SMS but this is where RCS comes in. With the help RCS, you’d be able to send higher resolution images, read receipts, and typing indicators, among others. But since it is carrier dependent it hasn’t gone anywhere.

Lately, Google enabled RCS for a few carriers in South America by letting the service run on Google’s cloud services. The teardown has also found some phrased which supports this idea – “New! Text over Wi-Fi and data”“Chat features are powered by Google”, and “No, use SMS only”.

So this means RCS will also need to be supported by a cloud-based infrastructure to work. Could this be something we can expect to see at Google’s I/O conference?

There’s one more feature but not much information about it is yet available – payments to businesses.

Strings that found also indicates that the Android Messages might be able to support payments to online retailers or local stores and businesses. Strings like “Buy with Google”“Payments Summary”, and “Checkout” strongly support this.

No words about this from Google has come yet, but we expect to know more about this at I/O conference which will take place later on this year on May 8-10 in Google’s hometown of Mountain View, CA.

For more technical APK teardown, head over to the below source link provided.



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