Google Introduces Create-Your-Own Themed Movies – Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Google Photos


We all know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate it Google introduces the create-your-own themed movies via the Photos app or on the Web. The update has just begun rolling out – so you might have started seeing a range of themes from “They Grow Up So Fast” to the feline favorite “Meow Movie”, to the “Valentine’s Day Movie”.

Before this Google Photos auto automatically create these movies but now you have a range of themes to choose from.

Photos Movie Themes

And it’s really easy to do – just head over to photos app and go to into the Assistant tab, and tap Movie. There you will see a range of themes, choose one and then you’ll be prompted to select the people (or pets) that will be featured. That’s it! This will for sure take same time – you just have to sit back while Google’s machine learning algorithms select the relevant photos, sets the soundtrack, and stitches it all together.

Moreover, you also have the option to tweak the video if you are not satisfied with the results. The update is available for both iOS and Android platforms as we all on the web. These themed movies are rolling out in most countries starting today.

More themed movies will continue to roll out throughout the year – said Google.

Download Google Photos: Android | iOS


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