Turn Your Device Into A Powerful Scanning And Text Recognition Tool With Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Adobe officially introduced a powerful document scanning and text recognition app that goes by name- Adobe Scan. The app will convert printed text into digital text with the help of your device’s rear camera using Optical Character Recognition. Company says that it’s new free app will not limit users on the number of pages they can scan nor does it downgrade the quality.

Adobe Scan is integrated with Document Cloud, which will let you work across cloud services, mobile and desktop apps. The document you scan in on your mobile will be automatically uploaded to your Adobe Document Cloud account. 
There’s one point to note here is that Adobe Scan can also scan things like shopping receipts, business cards, a slide shown during a meeting, and even whiteboards.

The new app is available for free to download for both Android and iOS devices. 

Download For Android
Download for iOS



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