Guide To SetUp FingerPrint Reader On Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has a signature of embedding fingerprint sensor on the front home button but this year company has relocated it on the rear side as there’s no physical button on the front. Rear mounted sensor is not a new thing but Samsung did it in very odd place. Most of the manufactures choose the area below the camera but Samsung decided to put the sensor on the side of the camera sensor and it’s so close that most of the time when trying to unlock the device user end up touching the camera and it’s super annoying.

Whether you like the position or not Fingerprint sensor is one of the feature that we will use most often to unlock the device.

So how to setup the fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S8?

S8 Fingerprint Reader

Let’s jump right in:

1. Head over to the Setting’s menu.
2. Navigate to Lock screen and security.
3. Tap on the Fingerprint scanner.
4. Enter PIN number – if requested.
5. Now you’ll be asked to scan your fingerprint, put your finger on the reader and lift it, repeat this step until the circle on the screen fills up.
6. You have successfully added the fingerprint, now if you want to add another finger tap on Add Fingerprint from the Fingerprint Scanner option.
7.The Fingerprint Scanner options also allow for activating Samsung Pass and Samsung account verification.
8. Done!

Set up Fingerprint Sensor gestures

There are hidden fingerprint sensor gestures which when turned on will allow user to pull down/up the notification shade. By default they are turned off, here’s how to enable them:

1. Head over to the Setting’s menu.
2. Navigate to Advanced features.
3. Now Toggle Finger sensor gestures on.
4. That’s it!


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