Google Assistant Latest Update Brings The ‘Ability To Type’ To Assistant

Last week at I/O developer conference Google introduced typing support for it’s Assistant. And guess what the update has already rolling out.

The update will bring the ‘ability to type’ to your assistant on your phone. Just type your commands or question to Google Assistant if you don’t like to talk or you are in a place where you can’t talk. 
Google Assistant UpdateGoogle Assistant Update

New suggestions bar contains full search phrases, until now the service only relied on Gboard which offers recommendations for your next word.

Once you updated the app you will see a small keyboard icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen tap on it to activate keyboard.

We asked Google Assistant about the temperature and it also replied in text and based on that some suggestions also appear. A single tap on suggestion will populate the text field, allowing user to edit the query before entering. 
The update has just begin rolling out so don’t get panic if you didn’t received it yet it will take some time to reach every compatible unit.

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