How To Install Bixby Assistant On Your Samsung Handset

Along with the new flagship handsets Samsung also introduces it’s own smart digital assistant – Bixby, a dedicated button is there to use this intelligent assistant.

Bixby is like Google Assistant, it gathers information from your calendar, mails, browsing history to better serve you the useful information at right time. There are 3 things that Bixby can do- it can answer to your voice queries, it can see the world around it too as it can use camera to search visually and there’s also a hub on the homescreen similar to Google Now.

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Samsung Bixby debuts with Galaxy S8 and S8+, now you people might be wondering how to use it in your device. We got you covered on this, you can get this smart assistant on any Samsung mobile device running Android Nougat.

Here’s how to install Bixby Assistant on your Samsung handset:

Step-1: First you need to download the Samsung Galaxy S8 launcher
Step-2: Install Bixby apk
Step-3: Head over to the Galaxy S8 Launcher settings by long pressing on home screen
Step-4: Activate Bixby
Step-5: Reboot your device
Step-6: Now you can use Bixby swipe left to use it.

For more infomration you can head over t0 the below source link.

Source: XDA Developers


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