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How To Personalize App Notifications In Windows 10?

Windows 10

As we all know there are lots of apps in Windows 10, some of which you care about and some of which you don’t. In this article we will let you guys know how to prioritize notification of such apps.

Here’s how to personalize app notifications in Windows 10:
Annoyed of getting notifications from apps that you don’t like? Or not getting notifications from another app? Follow these steps to enable or disable notifications according to your priority. 
1. First head over to the Start button

2. Now click the Settings button

3. Click System

System Settings

4. Click Notifications & actions.

5. Click an app from the list of senders. You might have to scroll down a bit to find it.


6. Click a priority option. There are three choices to choose from:

  • Normal — Will appear below high and top priority notifications.
  • High — Will appear above normal notifications in the action center
  • Top — Will appear at the top of the action center

7. Click Confirm if you chose Top

How to change notifications in Action Center?

By default the number of notifications that will show in the action center from a particular app in three. But you can change that number, here’s how to:
1. As we explained above, Navigate to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions
2. Now click an app

3. Click the dropdown arrow beneath Number of notifications visible in action center.

4. Click a number

Is there anything we missed? Do share your views via comments below!

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