OPPO Sold 50 Million Smartphones Units In 2015

In the world of smartphones, “OPPO” is a little known China-based brand which is producing devices much better than you may possibly think. In earlier days when we think of buying a new phone, the name “OPPO” probably doesn’t come to mind. But now when we talk about flagships or which one to buy next, one name that keeps sprouting up alongside HTC, LG, SONY and Samsung is OPPO.

Earlier today this Chinese smartphone manufacturer announced that they have sold 50 million smartphone units last year (i.e in 2015). From this, we can say how incredible last year was for  OPPO.

Alongside, it was also revealed that around OPPO’s R7, R7s and R7 plus were the three models that constituted for 15 million units sales which itself is an incredible figure. The company also said that devices priced between 2000 Yuan to 3000 Yuan segment were the highest selling units.

Here are the stats of other prominent Chinese smartphone vendors:
  • Huawei- over 100 million smartphones units
  • Xiaomi- sold 70 million smartphones units
  • Meizu- 20 million smartphones units
  • LeTV(now LeEco)- managed to sell 4 million smartphones units

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