Android December Security Update, Now Rolling Out To A Number Of Devices.

Since the days of Stagefright bug, that had affected whole of the Android ecosystem, Google promised to provide monthly updates with security patches.

Following in the Google’s footsteps, a number of OEM’s have been working hard to integrate these fixes into their device’s software. This month we have seen BlackBerry, LG, HTC, SAMSUNG among others seeding the update to a number of their devices.

Blackberry PRIV

BlackBerry being the first one to seed the update as early as the 1st of December. The first Blackberry phone with Android, The PRIV, got the December security update(463MB) with security patches and overall bug fixes.


Next, HTC after a pretty forgetful year released the December security update for its best phone of the year, the A9, HTC users were greeted with a gift as it was Marshmallow update with security fixes incorporated into it. As of yesterday two more devices, the One E9 and One E9+, would also be receiving the Security Update(360MB) though in phases.

Lg G4

LG, who are having a pretty good year in smartphone market, came out with the update for its devices, the last year’s G3 and its successor G4, though it wasn’t the Marshmallow update. But Lg has promised to roll out Marshmallow latter, the Sprint variant has already received the Marshmallow treatment.

Galaxy S6 Edge+

SAMSUNG, has also started seeding the Security update to two of its most selling devices of year, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. The updated for S6 weighs about 100MB and for the S6 Edge+ about 70MB, As per the change log the update improves the security, stability of voice calls and overall performance improvements.

Overall its good on part of the OEM’s to provide regular security updates, Thus preventing the bugs such as Stagefright from becoming so widespread and protecting the End User.

Source: GSMArena, Android Headlines, Android Police.

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