How To Recover Deleted Text Messages From Android Phone

If you have a habit of lending your phone to others specially to kids, then there’s a strong possibility that you might loose text your messages. So, is there any way to recover them ? Yes there is, in such cases you have to act quickly as messages are only until the portion of memory on which they are saved is rewritten. 

Here’s how to recover deleted text messages from android phone:

Tool To Recover Deleted Text Messages

There are couple of tools which can help you through this problem. There’s not much difference in both the tools they do the same thing: scan the memory of you Android phone and recover the “deleted” messages.  Below are the tools that you can check out:

You can choose either of the tool you want to choose, after that you have to go through series of steps. The process for both the tools is same, for illustration we have use Wondershare:

Step-1: Firstly download any tool of the above and install it.

Step-2: Launch the program on your computer.

Step-3: Now, enable USB debugging on your Android phone. To do this, you need to have access to the Developer Options which you can find in your settings menu. 


Step-4: As you get the Developer Option, go in the option, scroll down to USB debugging (or Android Debugging) and then check the box.

Step-5: Download and Install the Wondershare, and then connect your device to your computer.                                      

Step-6: Follow the prompts in the recovery program to scan or analyze your Android’s memory.


Step-7: Once the process is complete now you will have access to browse and preview the deleted and undeleted data (As long as the particular part of memory on which it was originally stored has not been saved over, you can still retrieve the data. This is why it’s important to act quickly if you’ve lost data)
Step-8: On  the left-hand side pane you” see a ‘Messages’ folder click on it, and then the list of messages will appear select on the messages that you want to recover then click ‘Recover’. This will recover your deleted messages.

How To Never Loose Your Messages Again

Now you have learned how to recover the deleted messages, but what of we tell you how to never to loose your messages again. How can you do this? By backing up your messages from now on wards and it just take few minutes to do this. There’s a free app called SMS Backup & Restore that will help you to backup your messages

  • Firstly, download the app from the above link provided and then install it
  • Now open the app and tap ‘Backup’
  • Now choose what you want to create back up for, tap ‘Local Backup and Upload’ and can send your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or an email address. When you’re ready, tap OK.
  • To restore them, just tap ‘Restore’ on the app’s home screen, then on the Restore Backup page you can just tap the backup name in the list to restore it if it’s stored locally.
  • If you backup it in the cloud, for that tap on the menu icon (the three dots) then ‘Load from’ and select the service in which you stored.
  • There are number of extra options also in the app, you can check them by going through the menu icon, then ‘Preferences’.


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