WhatsApp To Come With Voice Calling Feature

Earlier this year in February Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 Billions. After the acquisition, during the Mobile World Congress event, WhatsApp announced that it would be adding the voice service to iOS and Android devices.
Lately some interesting screen shots have surfaced, showcasing the popular messaging service adorned with new voice calling feature. After seeing the screen shots we have no doubts that company is working on voice call feature. However, the below screen shots showing the new voice call feature is supported by AndroidWorld.nl

From the depicted screen shots we can say that the implementation is pretty simple, with just a slide you can pic or answer any call. There’s also a bluetooth button which can be use to connect bluetooth headset. Its also said that the users might have options to record calls and play them later on.

Officially nothing is confirmed yet. But WhatsApp did confirmed that they will unveil this Voice Calling feature some time this year. Stay tuned with us!


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