Amazon Music App For Android Receive A New Update – Adds Supports For Chromecast

Amazon Music App

Amazon Music App for Android platform receives a new update. The update adds a couple of new useful feature to the app including  – Chromecast Support and now also features Alexa. 


  • Chromecast Support: You can now select music on your Android device, and have the music play on your Chromecast enabled devices.
  • The Amazon Music app now features Alexa. Tap the new “Alexa” button and ask Alexa to play new music, play a song by its lyrics, play work-out music, or many other Alexa supported commands or questions, all from within the app.
  • Alexa is available for customers on Android Lollipop (5.0) and higher.
This means that now you can connect your Android device to any device that has Chromecast and can directly play music from your Android-powered device to your TV or a Hi-Fi system.
With this updated app now you’ll be able to use both Alexa and Chromecast. 


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