5 Foosball Games For Android And Apple

Foosball apps are a great way to play Foosball even if you aren’t near the foosball table. Due to that, I have picker best foosball apps for Android and Apple and the only thing you will have to worry before you download the app is whether you have an Android device or an iOS. Check out the list of 5 best Foosball games and pick one for your mobile phone:

1. Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

Foosball Cup

Ludus Studio has 2 Android foosball apps and this one, the Foosball Cup is the first one. I like the fact that they did really good job with it, even though it is their first. When you start the app you won’t notice the menu, because it doesn’t exist. At first, it may look chaotic but it is all well organized actually. On the top, you can pick the game mode, below that, teams. In between the teams you can pick the difficulty and the table size and below that, you can pick the player formation. As you can see there are numerous options for you.

2. Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio

Foosball Cup World

The second Android foosball app by Ludus Studio is the Foosball World Cup and it looks amazing. The app provides as many features as the Foosball Cup with better design and graphics, but you have to win matches to unlock most features. That is the only reason why the Foosball Cup is in the 1st place and Foosball Cup World in the 2nd. The game is pretty good and the options are even better so I can assure you it is really good app.

3. Let’s Foosball Free – Table Football by Niea Tech Co, Ltd.

Let’s Foosball Free – Table Football by Niea Tech Co, Ltd.

This is the best application made for iOS in my opinion. It is in the range of both Android apps above because it is really user-friendly. You can choose the difficulty levels, the color of the uniforms and you can even choose the camera view. The ball flies on the field with great speed and the players are easy to control.

4. Foosball by White Collar Games

Foosball WCG

The name of this app for Android is actually Foosball 2013, but don’t worry, the game is pretty updated. It is extremely easy to navigate through the menu, but there is more than 1 menu. The main menu is the place you pick the game mode and everything else you pick at the 2nd menu. You can pick the player formation, difficulty, and few new features – the time limitation for the game and the max number of goals one team has to score to win. You will need time to adjust to the ball speed and the players but when you do, you will be unstoppable.

5. Foosball by Illusion Labs

Foosball by Illusion Labs

Another app made for iOS is not as good as the rest of the list. Now, don’t get me wrong it works without glitches or bugs, but it is not user-friendly. You can change the game mode (to play with CPU or your friend) and you can change the difficulty. Everything else is already determined so you can’t adjust the table to you.


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