Sony Xperia X, XZ And X Performance Rolling Out With A New Firmware Update

August Security Update

Sony Xperia X, XZ and X Performance rolling out with a new over-the-air firmware update. The update brings the Android Security fixes for the month of August to listed devices. Aside from this what other changes (if any) the update has brought with it is currently unknown. 

Build Number Information:

  • Xperia XZ and X Performance – 41.2.A.7.53
  • Xperia X- 34.3.A.0.217

The Xperia XZs and Xperia X Compact are also likely to get this update soon.

As we mentioned above it’s an OTA update will take few days to reach every unit so be patient. Meanwhile, you can head over to the Settings menu of your device to manually check for the update. 
Before downloading the update make sure your device is charged up to 50 percent and is connected to a decent internet connection.


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