Prototype Image Of OnePlus 5 Surfaced: Dual Rear Camera Supported

OnePlus 5 Prototype
OnePlus 5 leaked again, this time a prototype of the device has surfaced with dual lens setup positioned vertically. This isn’t the final design, it’s just an idea how the final version of the device gonna look.
As you can see in the depicted picture there’s no fingerprint reader on the rear side, this means the placement of the sensor would be same as that of 3&3T. If that’s the case than no-bezel-less design.
It’s also been rumored that the device will come with dual front-facing cameras too, but we can’t comment on anything just now as nothing’s official. One thing which OnePlus officially confirmed is that their next flagship device will arrive some time in Summer.

As we said above nothing’s official so take this story as a pinch of salt.


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