Photo Books Is Now Available In United States

Earlier this month at I/O Developer Conference Google announced the addition of three new features to it’s Photos product. The features includes: Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries, and Photo Books. 

The later one is ow available in United States, initially it was only available on the website  but now it’s available on both Android and iOS platform. 
Photo Books

For those who don’t know it’s a fast and easy way to make a book of your photos and that too from your phone. Just select photos from Google Photos, select photo book, choose between softcover book and hard cover book and then just check out.

As far as the pricing goes, the softcover book with 20 pages will cost you $9.99 and the hardcover book will set you back at$19.99. Currently this service is only available in US, will soon roll out to other countries as well.


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