OnePlus 5 Teased Again – First Camera Sample Revealed

OnePlus 5 Teased Again - First Camera Sample Revealed
Earlier this month OnePlus officially announced that the’ll be working with DXO to improve the photography experience of it’s upcoming flagship device OnePlus 5. Now today company reveals first camera sample taken from OnePlus 5. 
Company via a tweet on Twitter – source link provided below- teased very first photo taken with the upcoming device. With the above depicted image company asked it’s followers – “Can you tell which photo was taken with the OnePlus 5?” 

It’s easy to predict from these two, the second one seems much cleaner than the first which looks dull. Unfortunately higher resolution of these images aren’t available. 

By teasing such a post it seems OnePlus want to tell us that the rear camera of OnePlus 5 is gonna be a beast and will take good photos even at low light conditions. It’s also came to hear that the device will flaunt a dual camera setup – it won’t be a surprise thing to see. 


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