Google I/O 2017: Three New Features Added To Google Photos


Google today shared some stats of it’s Google Photos product which was launched 2 years ago. The product now have over 500 million monthly active users worldwide which upload around 1.2 billion photos and videos per day. 

At IO Conference Google launched three new features:
1. Suggested Sharing
2. Shared Libraries
3. Photo Books

Suggested Sharing

This new feature will suggest you to share the group photos or photos you took with to your friends. For instance you lately been to a party and there you took ton’s of group photos, those of which you took with your camera are with you but what about those your friends took? 

Google Photos Suggested Sharing
With this new Suggested Sharing feature your problem are gonna get solved – thanks to the new machine learning technology in Google Photos will not only remind to share the group photos and photos with your friends but will also automatically select the right photos and suggest with whom you can share these photos. 
You just have to tap the sent button to share it with your friends. 

Shared libraries 

This is the second new feature which is been added to Google Photos. What it does is it will allow you to share your photo library with their friend or family. You don’t manually have to share photos with the all the family members, all the photos will simply show up under the shared library. It will suggest the photos and people to share it with and you just have tap the send button.
In coming weeks this feature will be available in Web, Android and iOS platform.

Photo Books

Photo Books

The last thing google launch was -Photo Books, a fast and easy way to make a book of your photos and that too from your phone. Just select photos from Google Photos, select photo book, now choose between softcover book and hard cover book and then just check out. 

As far as the pricing goes, the softcover book with 20 pages will cost you $9.99 and the hardcover book will set you back at$19.99. Currently this is only available in US, will soon roll out to other countries as well.


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