Google I/O 2017: Android Go For Devices With 1GB RAM Or Less Announced

Google¬†officially unveiled Android Go today at I/O 2017 developer conference. So what exactly is Android Go? It’s an initiative Google’s been working on for entry-level Android devices. There are three things on which Android Go focuses: Optimizing the latest release on Android to run smoothly on entry-level devices, a rebuild set of Google apps that will use less memory, storage space and mobile data and the last one is the new version of Play Store which will contain a whole app catalog.

Android Go

All these things will ship together as a single experience starting on Android O devices with 1GB or less RAM. This new initiative will fill the void left by the Android One Program which hasn’t unveil a new phone for quite some time now.
To give more control to user Google has put the data management and savings in Quick Settings, and an API has been created to know exactly how much data you’ve still got in your plan. Moreover, you’ll also be able to top-up your data without even visiting your carrier store.
On this devices Chrome data saver will be turned by default, this will simplify the page automatically when it detects a slow connection. This feature will save over 750TB of data every day.
YouTube Go Offline Sharing
YouTube Go – a new app has also been designed for the limited data connectivity. Before watching the video, you can have sneak peak to the video this will save your data as well as time. You can also download the video and can watch them when you don’t have access to data connection. You can also share the video using the built-in peer to peer feature – and this won’t use any mobile data.
First Android Go devices will debut sometime in 2018- says Google.


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