Google Assistant Now Available For Over 100M Devices – More Features Added

Scott Huffman, Vice President Engineering, Assistant at Google I/O developer conference shared that Google Assistant is now available on over 100 million devices. And today Google enriched it with plethora of new features and also improved it’s availability around the Globe. 

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Google Assistant have added the support to many new languages including French, German, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian, Spanish and Korean languages to come before this year falls. This means now assistant will also be able to talk with you in these mentioned languages, will able to detect your language and will respond according to that. 

Google Assistant

Google Assistant will now also assist you with shopping and ordering food – just talk with your Google Home – make your delivery choose the payment from your saved wallet and authenticate it with your fingerprint.

Assistant is now getting more conversational, always available and ready to help. 

Google has added the ability to type to your assistant on your phone.Just type your commands or question to Google Assistant if you don’t like to talk or you are in a place where you can’t talk. 
Until now, Google Assistant wasn’t working with third party apps but starting today it will. The company demoed ordering delivery from Panera, including the complete process and payment.

Your assistant will now also help in visual translation.


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