Download: HTC U 11 Stock Wallpapers In QHD

HTC U 11 flagship device is now official – it comes with all the latest specifications in the market and comes with a new Squeeze feature. 

The device is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor which will provide cutting-edge performance. The chipset is aided with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage. Front side is covered with 5.5″ QHD display screen with pixel density of 534 pixel-per-inch.
HTC U 11 Stock Wallpapers In QHD

The major new feature of this flagship device from HTC is squeeze: pressure sensitive sensors along the sides of the phone allowing you to “squeeze” the handset in order to activate a certain action. You can use this as a shortcut to number of functions, for instance you can set it to launch the camera, map, music, to turn on the flashlight or to wake the digital assistant.

Now you people might be wondering how the U 11 gonna respond to your squeeze? There’s a long squeeze and a short squeeze, which the phone will use as two separate triggers.

We have managed to get our hands over some stock wallpapers which came with this device. 

Considering the fact that this device comes with a QHD display, all the wallpapers that came with it are also in QHD quality with 2880 x 2560 pixel resolution.


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