Sprint Offering LG G6 For Half Off It’s Regular Price

Sprint LG G6

Yesterday, LG announced that they have begin the global roll out of it’s newly launched flagship smartphone – LG G6. And Sprint has already share it plans of selling the device at half off it’s regular price. 

Starting today, Sprint is selling the LG G6 for 50% off it’s price – although it’s a limited period offer. You have to opt for installments for this to work, you just have to pay $14.75 per month for two years instead of  $29.50.

This means you’ll get the device for $354, and LG is selling the device for $708. It’s really a hot deal you need to consider it. Moreover you’ll also get a free Google Home speaker on purchase of the G6.

“The arrival of the LG G6 as the first HPUE-enabled smartphone marks a major milestone for the evolution of Sprint’s network,” said John Saw, Sprint CTO. “Deploying our innovative HPUE technology across our 2.5GHz coverage area nationwide improves the performance of our spectrum and gives customers with HPUE-enabled devices like LG G6 better coverage and faster data speeds in more locations, including at home and at work. We are excited for our customers to experience the benefits of HPUE on this terrific new device and many more to come.”

So how many of you are looking forward to it?


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