T-Mobile Has Started Shipping The Pre-Order Of LG G6

T-Mobile LG G6

T-Mobile has already started shipping the pre-orders of LGs’ newly launched flagship device G6. Earlier this week on Wednesday the US carrier commence taking pre-orders and it has started shipping the handset to it’s customers.

People have started posting on Twitter and Reddit that they have already received the device. Some posted images of the box – as depicted above – with the G6 and T-Mobile logos. It’s not the first time carrier has done such thing, it has history of shipping phones earlier than official launch dates.

All major carriers are prepping to sell the LG G6 starting April 6, but Verizon has rescheduled the date and will start selling a week earlier in it’s retail stores.

Are you the lucky T-Mobile customer who received the LG G6?


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