Instagram Receives An Update – Now Blurs Sensitive Content And Brings Two-Factor Indentification For Stronger Authentication Protection

Instagram- world’s most popular mobile photo-sharing app receives a new update, adds two new features that will help users to stay safe.

The first feature is that the app now supports for two-factor identification, this will add an extra layer of security to your account. To turn this feature on, head over to the Account > Two-Factor Authentication > Turn On. Once turned on you’ll require a code every time you log in to your Instagram account. 

                     Instagram Receives An Update   Instagram Receives An Update

The next feature that update brings is that now you will see many photos or videos blurred out. This will help you stay away from potentially sensitive content, posts that have been flagged by someone in the community, but don’t necessarily violate Instagram’s guidelines. If you’d like to see the sensitive content just tap on it.

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The update has started rolling out globally, if you haven’t received it yet, head over to the PlayStore and download the latest update of the app.


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