Apple Again Dominates Smartphone Market, Rakes In 79.2% Of Profit In 2016

There are number of smartphone vendors which came up with new smartphones every year. but there’s only one winner in the race for profits and it’s Apple. The company repeats the history again, rakes in around 79.2% of profit last year. This accounts in a profit of $44.9 billion out of $53.7 billion total globally.
With a profit of $8.3 billion Samsung has managed to keep the second spot, these digits would certainly be bigger but now-discontinued Galaxy Note7 cause a major dent. Huawei is on the third spot with merely 1.6% of global profits.
Oppo and Vivo completes the list of top 5 smartphone vendors of 2016 with their shares of the profits are puny – respectively 1.5% and 1.4%.

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