Apple Is Now Member Of Wireless Power Consortium

iPhone 8 is in talks for quite sometime now, and it’s also been rumoring that Apple will add wireless charging to it’s new iPhone. As per the latest news suggests, Apple has officially join the Wireless Power Consortium- on organization that promotes the use of the popular Qi standard. Now Apple’s name appears in the list of 213 members of the organization- source link provided below. 

Apple Is Now Member Of Wireless Power Consortium

This add more weight to the earlier rumor of iPhone 8 to come with wireless charging, but we can’t be sure of anything yet as Apple hasn’t said a word about using the Qi charging standard. 

 Apple may indeed have been aiming for long-range RF charging: 

The success of wireless charging adoption from Apple’s competitors is something that Apple can no longer ignore. IHS Technology consumer survey data shows over 90% of consumers want wireless charging on their next device.

Apple is already using the Qi charging for the watch, but there’s a point to note here it uses a tweaked version that means you can’t use other Qi chargers. We think company will do the same with the iPhone.
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