Samsung To Launch It’s New Curved Quantum Dot Monitor At CES 2017


Samsung’s latest curved quantum dot monitor (CH711) to debut next week at CES 2017. This monitor is built ” with gamers in mind” and will be available in either 27-inch or 31.5-inch display with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and a pretty stylish white chassis. As you can see in the below depicted picture, it will give a cleaner look to your desk.

It’s not the first time that company has use quantum dots in it’s monitor, we have already seen company using such tech in it’s monitor and it produces bright and vivid picture, we expect same from this CH711. Other specs details aren’t available as of now, but if Samsung wants to target the gaming audience then the panel’s response time has to be fast. 
Samsung hasn’t disclosed any pricing and availability details yet, but the CH711 will be on disply at CES 2017 alongside other monitors.


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