5 Unlikely Places To Find Your Favorite Android Apps

As we all know, Android devices are the new trendsetters in the present global scenario. Every hand has an Android device, and people actually like it, more than their older versions of feature phones. For very obvious reasons, these smartphones have been human beings’ new best friends in the last recent years.

There is an app for almost everything that can be digital and has the ability to be visual by any possible means. As it is no surprise that the Google Play Store is the main center of everything when it comes to Android devices, but trust me, we can obtain apps from somewhere else as well.

Trust me on this, there are many other places, which are very much unlikely so to speak, but does the work just like Google Play Store does. But you will need to turn on the “Unknown Sources” that is found in the settings of your phone. And these unknown sources are sure as important as the Google Play Store, because believe it or not, there are some apps that exist in these sources rather than being found in the Google Play Store.


Starting off, SHAREit is the first name that comes to a head when speaking about installing apps from other unlikely places. I sure am serious. We can actually install many of our favorite apps through this file sharing app.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the SHAREit app, you will actually find many apps that are recommended to you by the app itself. You can actually download the apps by just switching on your data connection, and it will redirect you directly to the platform from where you can install the app.

And besides, there is already options of sharing the contents from other devices which you can easily install and use on your device. Isn’t that great?


9Apps is an app store just like the Google Play Store, and it has many apps that are not available in Google Play Store itself. This makes it the second best option to install apps from. It is, in fact, one of the most convenient sources to get our favorite apps.

 UC Browser

We all know that UC Browser is a browser and not an app store. But we can actually install apps from it, Surprizing right? All you need to do is go to the app and explore what it has inside it. You will find a page that contains many apps in it. If you click on it gets installed in the device. Like the previously mentioned 9Apps, UC Browser too redirects to the main page after clicking on the desired app, from where you can


Mobogenie is another app store that is actually very helpful regarding installing apps on the Android devices. It has got a lot of apps, out of which some are not found in the Google PlayStore. So, I would surely say that it does help regarding getting our preferred apps. 

Author: This post is contributed by Akansha from shareitforwindows


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