Google Nexus App Launcher Leaked – May Debut In 2016 Nexus Devices

The below source Android Police got their hands on some GIFs that show an redesigned app launcher which is likely to debut on this year’s Nexus devices. 

In the below ‘GIF’ you can see that the Google Search bar has been replaced by a tab that can be pulled out or tapped on in order to access either Google Now by sliding from the left as you do now, or you can access the Google Search bar by tapping on the ā€œGā€ icon.
Google Nexus App Launcher

As you can see in the above GIF, the tab “G” is a pulling tab so there might be some other function which is not demonstrated. There’s a chance that Google might have reserved it for Google’s new Assistant function. And there’s also absence of an app drawer icon, as you can see that the app drawer is being given a real drawer action.

Google Nexus App Launcher

The above is GIF demonstrates the settings option which look much similar to the current Google now launcher but we hope to see some new options in the final release. And there are updated folder icons too.



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