Google Nexus App Launcher APK Now Available For Download

Yesterday we saw some “GIFs” of Google’s upcoming Nexus App Launcher but we didn’t have the APK at that time. But now the APK is available for download, thanks to an enthusiastic Nexus fan over on Google+ (post since deleted) has given a copy of this new redesigned launcher. 

Google Nexus App Launcher

We’ve provided the download link below, you can download the apk from there. Once downloaded, you can easily load this Nexus launcher in any android smartphone. We’ve already seen this launcher in action in “GIFs” and now it’s time to use it in our handsets.

                                  Google Nexus App Launcher

But there are few things that does not work properly at the moment, first and foremost swiping to open Google Now does not work, and app also crashes when you try to change the wallpaper. But all these bugs will be resolved in the final release.

It’s still unclear that this launcher will be exclusive to Google’s Nexus devices or the other smartphones will too get the taste of this revamped launcher.


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