Buy Microsoft Lumia 950 XL For £336.99 In The UK

Lumia 950 XL

Earlier this month we reported that a retailer (mobilephonesdirect) in UK has dropped the price of Lumia 950 to £289 which was the lowest price we’ve seen in the country. And now Microsoft has dropped the price of the bigger Lumia 950 XL too, you can purchase the device for only (£336.99). 
This price includes VAT, free-delivery (obviously) and along with a device you’ll get a SIM-free and it’s an unlocked version of the device.
Last year in October when Lumia 950XL make its first debut it came up with a price tag of £549.99 and since then we saw it getting cheaper. The device is just few days ahead of it’s first anniversary, we hope to see the price of 950 XL to go even cheaper than this. 
If you are a Windows Phone lover, this is still a good deal!.

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