Report: SoftBank To Acquire ARM Holdings For $32 Billion

SoftBank Logo

According to the latest report from The Wall Street Journal the Japanese Telecommunication giant ‘SoftBank’ is in talks to acquire UK based chip designer ARM Holdings for $32 billion. The British multinational semiconductor and software design company dominates the smartphone market, with its lineup of chips used in 95% of handsets today.

Stuart Chambers, the chairman of ARM, said: “This is a compelling offer for ARM shareholders, which secures the delivery of future value today and in cash. The board of ARM is reassured that ARM will remain a very significant UK business and will continue to play a key role in the development of new technology.”
ARM does not fabricate its own processor like the traditional semiconductor firms like Intel does. It licenses the IP for its designs to manufacturers like Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, NVIDIA, Apple, and others. 

According to last years stats the total number of sales of chips containing ARM-designed hardware is more than 15 billion.
SoftBank the Japan-based carrier is one of the major investor in the tech space, having acquired stake in SuperCell, Alibaba, Sprint Nextel, Snapdeal (India’s e-commerce vendor), Ola Cabs and now they are about to buy ARM Holdings.


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