OnePlus 3 With 6GB RAM Outrun By Galaxy S7 Edge in Speed Test Comparison


The widely teased OnePlus 3 is now official and it looks great on paper, but does it actually perform?

One of the key feature of OP3 is 6GB RAM, and with such hefty memory the device should be a multi-tasking beast. But it doesn’t seems the case when pitting the new OnePlus 3 against the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
YouTube channel “C4ETech” conducted a Speedtest Comparison that shows how the OP3 stack up against Galaxy S7 Edge and who the real winner is. The test is quite simple, both the devices open same series of applications while on a timer. Test was conducted in two rounds, the first one aims to see which one is quicker at opening apps whereas the second round was to see how fast both device reopens the same app.
The result was surprising, Galaxy S7 Edge wins the both round with a flash. In the first round S7 took one minute and one second to open series of applications, while to open the same series the OnePlus 3 took 10 seconds more at one one minute and 11 seconds. The second round, meanwhile, shows a more notable difference. The OnePlus 3 took one minute and 10 seconds in total to reopen the apps from memory whereas the Galaxy S7 Edge took only 33 seconds.
Such a performance from OnePlus 3 was quite disappointing but it could be fixed with a software update and we hope OnePlus will fix it soon.
You can see the entire speedtest in the below embedded video:


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