Watch Google I/O 2016 Live Stream Here


The time for Google’s yearly developer conference has come, it’s a conference where Google unveils the latest products, services and announcements on companies platform. The event starts with a 2-hour keynote hosted by chief executive Sundar Pichai that update about the state of Google and Android.

What do you think Google has got in his sack this year ? Any guesses? 

We are expecting a bunch of new Android news- probably the announcement of new Android flavor. Currently we don’t know what Android N will end up being called, will it be Nutella? Nougat? Nachos? or something else. But we does have list of some new features that this new flavor is expected to come with. True multi window multitasking is one of them- in a nutshell, the feature will let two apps run side by side both being active at same time.

Android N will feature bundled notification system- it will combine all your notifications from a single app into one card. The new software will bring improved battery life optimization, direct reply notifications, improved Java 8 language support, and more quick setting options.
Along with the new software, an upgraded Nexus 6P variant and a new Nexus Tablet is also expected to come. Google’s next big virtual reality project- Android VR is also rumored to make it’s appearance at keynote. Unlike Cardboard, this new device will be a dedicated VR headset.
Google’s Android Wear and Android Pay might also get a fare share time under the spotlight.  

Below is the no-360-degree video live stream


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