Say Hello To Tap To Translate, Google Translate Now Works Within Other Apps

Google Translate, as we all know a free multilingual statistical machine translation service provided by Google which helps users around the world to communicate with each other by offering the translate tool which is capable of deciphering text, speech, images from one language to another. 

And today Google rolled out an update to it’s Google Translate tool with some of the big improvements. With the update now you can just copy the text of a chat, a comment, etc. in whichever app you’re using, and a translation will pop up right there in your current app-and you don’t even have to switch apps (back and forth to translate).

The feature works with across all languages the app supports, along with it Google also points out that it also supports offline mode.

Moreover, with this update Google finally expanded its real-time Word Lens feature to now support Chinese. You just need to point Google Translate’s camera at a sign or other printed text and it will translate the words for you.

All these updates will be rolling out soon this week.


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