Best Photography Cases For Your iPhone


Want to take your iPhone photography to a next level? Try an iPhonegraphy case!

With the help of photography case you’ll be able to use your iPhone’s camera to it’s full potential. May be you’re already taking snapshots with your iPhone and want to transition into more serious iPhone photography then you should try an iPhonegraphy case.

Photography case will let you attach variety of lenses and other accessories to your iPhone. Below are some of the best iPhone cases that will take your iPhonegraphy to new level that you never thought was possible with an iPhone.

Moment Case

Moment Case

The Moment Case is one of the best Photography case available, it isn’t just beautiful to look at with it’s walnut accent, but this thin case will also bring the traditional photography experience back to your phone. The case features a DSLR-like shutter button, built-in-lens interface and a strap attachment that will give your phone more like a camera look. 

There’s one complaint about the Moment case, that the lens this case comes with is so large that it blocks your camera’s flash, rendering it useless. If that’s not a deal breaker for you, albeit, Moment is excellent. 

See at Moment Lens

Snap! Pro All-In-One Set

Snap! Pro All-In-One Set
There are 5 features which set this case apart from other basic iPhone photography cases. The case comes with an external shutter button located on the lower left-hand side, this will give you a feel like a point-and-shoot camera.

There’s a interchangeable lens system which is fool proof. With the All-In-One Set, you get a fisheye + macro lens, wide angle + macro lens, telephoto lens, CPL, ultra wide angle + macro lens, full-frame fisheye lens, and a bag to store your lenses in between use.

iOgrapher Quick Start Kit

This is by far the most professional, dynamic and filmmaking case for iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus. It’s not just a photography case, it’s a complete mobile studio on your hands. With this case you’ll be able to attach microphones, lights, lenses, and more to their iPhones, so you can get perfect video on top of phenomenal photos.

The case comes with iOgrapher 37mm Wide Angle and Telephoto lens, Manfrotto LUMIMUSE 3 LED LIGHT, Rode video MICRO and Rode SC7 TRS TO TRRS ADAPTOR. This is the case for you if you are looking to get serious about iPhonegraphy.

See at iOgrapher

Optrix PhotoProX

Optrix is a rugged and waterproof adventure case protects your iPhone and also offers a unique interchangeable lens system is perfect for capturing photos and videos. The case itself isn’t pretty to look at, but it’s military-grade material ensures that this case is up to whatever adventure that awaits you.
This case is only compatible with iPhone 6 and 6s.

Ztylus Metal Series Camera Kit

Ztylus is the most versatile iPhone case you’ll find, it comes with a 4-in-1 lens attachment revolver that allows you to easily attach 4 lenses to the case. The disc mount system of the case lets you effortlessly rotate between different types of phone lenses including macro, wide angle, fisheye and CPL.

The case is also integrated with a metal kickstand that can be used for viewing multimedia, managing photo slideshows or displaying clocks and calendars. 

What’s your pick?

So whats’ your pick, which one of the above mentioned you think is the best? Are you using any iPhone case? Share your view via comments below!

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