Allo, Google’s New Smart Messaging App That “learns over time”


Google has announced a new smart messaging app, Allo. This new app learn over time to make conversation easier, more expressive and more productive. The app is based on your phone number so you can easily get in touch with anyone on your phone book.  

Allo keeps your conversations private and secure. It has Expression, Google Assistant, and Security modules. The app is embedded with stickers that are sourced from independent artists from around the world. 

Another feature in the applications is Whisper/Shout, a way to add more emotion to your words by choosing the text size in the messages you’re about to send. The feature works in both text messages and photos, letting you express the proper emotional meaning.

There’s a smart reply feature built in chat conversations which will let you type less. For this, the app uses machine learning to generate responses tailored to your most common responses. Smart replies contain stickers and emojis, too. Allo even offers smart replies when people send photos to you.

Assistant In Allo

Google has also integrated it’s new Assistant feature into Allo as well. For example, you are talking to one of your friend about Italian food nearby you get a suggestion that you can tap to display to everyone in the message thread to help decide on a restaurant. Once you agree on a place, Google Assistant will help you make a reservation through OpenTable right from there. The assistant will prompt you to confirm the number of dinners and what time you want to eat.

You can also call on Google Assistant any time during conversation by typing “@google” and ask anything you want to ask. For instance if you type “@google funny cat pics” and then get responses right in the chat. These chats can take place in group form, or one-on-one with just the Assistant.

Assistant can also help you if you are bored or wanna play a game or something else of that matter. There is an emoji game that gives you various emoji and you have to pick what they translate into. Developers will be able to create and submit games that the Assistant can play with others.

Incognito Mode

Google also integrated a Incognito Mode in it’s messaging app, Allo like it does in Chrome. This will provide end-to-end encryption to your chat, time-deleted messages and the ability to hide the sender and receiver details. And as you close the Incognito mode, everything that you did will disappear, like it never happened.

Allo will be available on Android and iOS later this Summer.


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