High Speed XQD And SD Cards Announced By Sony

Sony’s range of high speed SD cards.

Soon after Nikon’s announcement of two of their new high end camera’s, the D5 and D500, and the pair being able to utilize the recent XQD format. Sony has come out with new line of memory cards, XQD and SDXC UHS-II at CES. 

The XQD-M series supposedly offers write speed up to 150MB/s and up to 440MB/s of read speeds, and would be available in 3 capacities offering upto 128GB with 64 and 32 GB options also present.
 As for the other series of SD card, SF-M, is said to support write speeds of 100MB/s and 260MB/s of read speeds. Sony would also be releasing a new XQD/SD combo card reader for connecting to Pc’s or Laptops.

Though, no pricing or availability information has been provided yet.


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