Google Fiber Coming To Three New Cities

Back in 2012, Google begun a new era of Internet with introduction of 1000 Mbps up and down speed over the Internet via Google Fiber. 

And today, Google announced that they are inviting three more cities to expand their Google Fiber service. 

Google Fiber Internet service, a 5 year-old arm of the vast Google organization, has undertaken installation of high-speed fiber-optics networks in metro Kansas City, in Austin, Texas, and in Provo, Utah. It has networks under construction in Nashville, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, N.C., as well as in Atlanta, Salt Lake City and San Antonio.
In blog post Google said:

Today, we’re inviting three more cities—Irvine, CA, Louisville, KY, and San Diego, CA—to work with us to explore bringing Google Fiber to their communities.

It’s also come to hear that Google will soon start working with the local government of the cities aforementioned to study in detail factors that may affect construction.


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