Everdisplay Unveiles World’s First 6-Inch 4K AMOLED Screen (734 PPI)

Earlier today, Everdisplay also known as also Hehui Optoelectronics officially unveiles world’s first 6-inch 4K AMOLED display screen with a whopping pixel density of 734ppi. Currently, the highest pixel density AMOLED screen we have seen is 577ppi in Samsung Galaxy S6 (5.1 inch QHD panel).

Everdisplay unveiled a working prototype today in China, but there were no words from the manufacturer that when the display might actually enter the mass-production. This display screen is not for 4K TV sets but the manufacturer did not even make any mention of this display being aimed at the smartphone/phablet market.

Instead, company says that first 6-inch 4K AMOLED screen will find their utility in the virtual reality devices of future.

As of now, we have no information regarding the availability but we expect to see it live by 2016.


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