Angry Birds 2 Downloaded Over 20 Million Times Until Now

” The mother of all sequels”- Angry Birds 2 has been downloaded over 20 million times since July 30 when it lands the app store. 

This all started back in December 2009 when Rovio released it’s very first Angry Birds game, launched as Rovio’s 52th title. At  that time Rovio was just another small company that developed game after game without making a mark. Angry birds was real hit for them!

Rovio today announced that it’s new game Angry Birds 2 has been already downloaded 20 million times in it’s first week of release and is currently the no. 1 iOS games in 100 countries. 

And there’s an interesting fact: since July 30 the launch of the game, the slingshot in the game has been used more than 1.4 billion times, and users have completed more than 300 million eye-popping levels and gloriously maxing out the Destruct-O-Meter more than 350 million times over.

The game is just 7 days old, and we believe as time passes it gonna make new records. If you haven’t download the game yet, grab and Download it from the App Store or via Google Play.


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