Tips Tricks: 8 Ways To Increase Your Dropbox Space For Free

Dropbox, one of the most popular file hosting service that provides cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. With Dropbox you can share various stuffs (including : photos, videos, docs) with friends, clients and co-workers, the beauty of Dropbox is it’s very simple to use. 

But the main problem is Dropbox comes with only 2 GB of initial free storage, which is very less for most of us who work online. With Dropbox you can access your photos, docs and videos from anywhere, anytime and never lose a file again. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the ways to increase Dropbox space for free. 

1. Completing the “Get Started” tour

You will get: 250 MB

Almost everyone who sign up for Dropbox goes through the “Get Started” tour, which is nothing but Dropbox basics 101. In “Get Started” tour there are total of 7 quests out of which you have to finish at least five of them to get a 250MB as a reward from Dropbox.

Finish at least five of them and we’ll give you a reward!

2. Connecting your Social Media accounts

Dropbox will reward you for connecting your social accounts.

  • Connecting to Facebook: 125 MB
  • Connect your Twitter account: 125 MB
  • Following Dropbox on Twitter: 125 MB

3. Giving Feedback to DropBox

You will get: 125MB

Tell Dropbox why you love them, by giving a suitable feedback and they’ll will you a reward bonus of 125MB.

4. Refer Friends to Dropbox

You will get: 0.5 GB per friend [Capped at 16 GB]

As we mentioned above, Dropbox is one of the most popular file hosting service, and to find someone who is not on Dropbox and that too from your friend circle is bit difficult. But if you find one and get him to join via your referral link gives you half a GB for every successful invite to join. 

With a cap at 16GB, maximum of 32 friends who can join via invite, doesn’t matter how many you invite.

5. Manage your Email with Mailbox

You will get: GB

MailBOX, from Dropbox a simple , light and fast email application. Sign up and download Mailbox, and start using it to send, receive and manage your emails, and as a thank you for trying it out, Dropbox will add 1 GB of extra storage space into your Dropbox account.

6. Using Carousel

You will get: 3GB

If you use Dropbox, you’ll love Carousel, a media gallery from Dropbox for storing photos and videos. It is faster, prettier, all-around-better way to view your photos and videos. Start using Carousel and you will be rewarded with a 3GB of bonus into your Dropbox account.

7. Use Dropbox On HTC Devices

You will get: A maximum of 23 GB

If you own an HTC device with brand new sense 4.0, Sense 4+, or Sense 5.0, you may be eligible to earn a maximum of 23GB for 2 years. How to check if your device is eligible to claim or not, your device must meet the following requirements:
  • The Dropbox app must be pre-loaded on your device
  • Your carrier must be participating in the promotion
Get more details about it here.

8. Use Dropbox On Samsung Devices

You will get: A maximum of 48 GB (for 2 years only)
Samsung devices launched between 2012 and 2014 are eligible for free 48 GB free Dropbox space for 2 years. Get more details about it here.


So these were some of the ways to increase your Dropbox space, without paying a cent. If this isn’t enough for you, there are few more methods that you can you, but they are going to cost you. Here are they:

1. Subscribe to Dropbox Pro

Dropbox offers 1 TB of cloud storage for the users with Dropbox Pro account. Just upgrade your account, if you need that much space. But remember this is going to set you back $9.99/month or $99/year.

2. Clean Up Your Storage

Well, this one is still free. For this you just need some time off your busy schedule. It’s simple though, you just have to clean that files that you probably won’t need anymore.

3. Get Dropbox for Business

If in some company you are working on some project along with some of your co-workers and need to share files, docs or some videos then you can opt for Dropbox for business, if your company has a budget the budget for it. This will cost you $15 per user per month and you will get unlimited storage to use. 


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