The Best IOS Apps To Track Your Health Activity

Deep down inside we all know that health is the real jewel of life, we'd say it's the most precious possession of man. We try our best to live as healthy as possible but making that happen everyday can often feel like a chore. You don't need to hire a personal trainer for that, in fact the smartphone in your pocket can track your activity and will help you to achieve your fitness goals. 

There are many fitness tracking apps that will help you to tack your activity, motivate you about your progress and help you to live a healthier life. We've listed some of the best iOS apps to track your health and fitness activity.


Jawbone Up by Jawbone is a fancy pedometer that will keep track your overall activity level by the step you take. It will notify you how much time you've worked, you were idle and will also calculate the number of calories burn. UP is the famous wrist-worn but all the data is displayed on your smartphone using the UP's companion app. It will not only update you with your personal stats, moreover you can also use it to set goals you strive to accomplish. 


Fitibit like Jawbone wraps around the wrist and just like UP, Fitbit also has it's own companion app to track your full activity and it also has the ability to link up with your friends for competitions. We compared both UP and Fitbit and we found that Fitbit app is bit faster and more intuitive to navigate than that of UP's app. Unlike Jawbone wrist-worn Fitbit comes in multiple colors. 


Carrot Fit is a seven minute hell workout, it's a sadistic AI construct that has only one goal that is to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race. And to make this happen Carrot will do whatever it takes including: threatening, inspiring, ridiculing, and more.


Just like Jawbone and Fitbit, Microsoft Band is also fitness tracking wrist band. Microsoft band can track your heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep quality, and maximize your fitness with Guided Workout. Also like UP and Fitivit, Health companion app is designed for Microsoft band to track all your activity. 


Digifit ICARDIO is the perfect workout tacker and planner that will help you to monitor indoor and outdoor activities. Digifit is a great route tracker, that means with a built in GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy, this app is the best way to track your activity and will help you to plan your outdoor rides with GPS technology.


It was one of the first apps to use your device's motion sensor to your everyday exercise. Moves is a  simple app that shows your day as a simple story line, will tell you the number of steps you take each day and number of calories you burn for each activity. 


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